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The eBay Formula to Success.

Would you like to make a fortune on eBay?

"Has really helped me increase my sales"
"Best money I ever spent!"
"Should be compulsory"

Just a few comments from people Brian McGregor has helped to make more money on eBay.

If this is your objective too, you're at the right place.

As you read further, you'll see why.

In less than one year working part-time, Brian made over $350,000 (£200,000) in sales on eBay.

He joined eBay in November 1999, and sold three card games. To his shame, he didn't realise the power of eBay until much later.

It was May 2002 when the penny dropped for Brian!

From May 2002 to March 2003 he made over $350,000 (£200,000) in sales on eBay!

During that period Brian auctioned anything he could get hold of :-

  • Widescreen TVs
  • Wedding dresses
  • DVD players
  • Garden ornaments
  • Jewelry
  • Designer goods
  • VCRs
  • Tools
  • Binoculars
  • Cars
  • Information products

In my opinion, eBay is the greatest opportunity for people like us to make money from the Internet.

But, where do you find out how to make eBay work for you?

What we all have to do is maximize our auction effectiveness.

Brian is living proof that if you know what you're doing, you'll have tremendous success on eBay.

He has taken all his experience and knowledge and created a formula which you can use to create successful auctions on eBay time, after time, after time.

It's all in his new ebook, "The eBay Formula".

"My ebook shows you exactly how I do it.
A part-time effort is truly all it takes to make great money on eBay.


Why "The eBay Formula"?

> There are hundreds of ebooks and Reports on how to make money on eBay. Only "The eBay Formula" concentrates specifically on how to create successful auctions.

> "The eBay Formula" takes you through step-by-step how to sell on eBay. It works for beginners and for experienced sellers alike.

> You can use "The eBay Formula" for any item, regardless of size, value and popularity.

> "The eBay Formula" is relevant no matter what size of eBay auction business you want. You can start small with a few auctions per week, and build it right up to a full-time income.

> On eBay your auction is in direct competition with around 10 million others. Using "The eBay Formula", you ensure your auction items get viewed, get bids and get sold.

> "The eBay Formula" is based on Brian McGregor's experience of eBay, where he made $350,000 (£200,000) in sales in less than a year in his spare time.

Do you recognise this?

It's a fact that many auctions on eBay never attract a single bidder or buyer.

You spend time creating your auction and, full of optimism, submit it to eBay. You sit back and wait for the bidding action to start.

You then find after several days that hardly anyone has even looked at your auction description page, never mind made a bid!

Has this happened to you?

Well, now you have another way to do it ......

Here's how "The eBay Formula" works

It shows you exactly what to do to to create auctions that sell on eBay.

Whenever you press the "Sell" tab on eBay, a sequence of 5 screens appears.

The screens look deceptively simple to fill in. Naturally eBay wants it to appear easy - they get your listing fee whether or not you sell your item.

Unfortunately, it's also easy to make basic errors at this stage.

And this is why some auctions are doomed to fail from the start.

Let me emphasise these 5 screens are the most important on eBay. They're the only place where you have any influence over your auction. Your input here has to count!

The problem is that the 5 screens require you to answer a lot of questions there and then. And the answers to these questions aren't always obvious. And if you're new to eBay, it's even more confusing!

Yet, the decisions you take on those questions, and what you key-in is critical.

It determines whether you make a sale. Or if you've wasted your time and your listing fee.

"The eBay Formula" gives you all the answers at your fingertips :-

1. Which auction duration should I use? Surely 10 days is always better than 3 days?

2. How can I calculate the optimum auction duration?

3. What is the best day and time to start and/or end an auction?

4. How do I work out the right Starting Price?

5. In what circumstances should I start an auction at 1c?

6. When should I use a Reserve Price?

7. When should I not use a Reserve Price?

8. How do I write my auction title to ensure it is found in eBay searches?

9. I'm not a business, how can I take credit/debit card payments for my auctions?

10. How do I decide which is the best category for my auction?

11. Should I list in more than one category?

12. Is it worth using bold or highlight for my auction?

13. When should I use promotion options like Feature Plus! Or Home Page Featured?

14. Why does nobody look at my auction page?

15. Lots of people look at my auction page, but they don't bid or buy - why?

16. What do I have to offer in order to get people to buy from me?

17. When should I use a Buy it Now price?

18. What is a Dutch Auction? How can I take advantage of them?

19. How does eBay's search work, and can I take advantage of it?

20. How important is it to use the full 55 characters available for my auction title?

21. What is the ideal length for my auction description?

22. Is it necessary to have pictures in my auction description?

23. I don't know HTML, how can I get pictures included?

24. Why is it good to encourage questions from bidders?

25. What is a page counter, and how can I make use of it?

26. Do I have to move to California to get California eBayers buying from me?

27. I don't have a digital camera, how else can I get pictures of my item?

28. What are the implications of selling internationally?

29. Can I change my auction once it has started?

Facing questions such as these, it's no wonder so many sellers adopt a "trial and error", "suck it and see" approach to their auctions.

Not any more.....

"The eBay Formula" gives you answers to all of the questions above.

Just imagine how useful it is to have "The eBay Formula" in front of you when creating your auctions.

It is the only definitive guide to generating winning auctions on eBay.

By following "The eBay Formula", you will create powerful and compelling auctions that work on eBay.

Moneyback Guarantee

One of the reasons Brian McGregor writes his own ebooks is that it enables him to offer a genuine moneyback guarantee. You have my word, if "The eBay Formula" isn't for you, Brian will give you your money back immediately.

"The eBay Formula" works, and he proves it every day.

Brian has over 1,000 positive feedbacks for his auction activity. Just take a look at some of his feedback
for this ebook alone :-

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And there's more.....

To help you kick-start your eBay selling, Brian provides you with 4 personally selected ebooks as part of "The eBay Formula" package.

Jim Cockrum is one of the leading experts on eBay. His ebook "The Silent Sales Machine on eBay" has been top of the best seller charts for months. In "Secret eBay Marketing", Jim is interviewed by Louis Allport and reveals how he has developed his own eBay business. Apply this experience to your auctions, and see the difference!

This is 224 pages of auction dynamite. Author, Sydney Johnston, covers every aspect of how to run a successful auction business from the comfort of your own home. The book is sub-titled "The Masters Course", and nothing could be more appropriate for this superbly produced ebook.

Many people know that information products are one of the most profitable items to sell on eBay. In this excellent ebook, Louis Allport interviews and brings to life the experiences of five of the greatest information product salesmen ever.

Brian just had to include this ebook as a final bonus. Not only because it contains the words of 37 internet marketing experts. Not only because it contains links to examples of their best work. But mainly because each of these internet gurus was asked to provide their 5 top tips for internet marketing success. You will find this incredible list of top tips is like striking gold.

What is the value of these bonus ebooks? You could add up the cost of each and you'll find the total comes to way more than the price of 'The eBay Formula'.

Or, you can simply review each ebook and decide what value this information is to YOU!

After all, these ebooks are yours to keep even if you take up Brian's moneyback guarantee.

You now have another decision...

It’s fun to sell on eBay. I am also totally convinced it is the best internet opportunity available to people today. Even though eBay is still in early stages of its corporate life, it is possible to make a full-time living from it. eBay say that around 45,000 members are doing exactly that right now.

And, did you know that eBay gets 40,000 new members joining every day? So the opportunity continues to expand as you read this.

Just imagine how exciting it would be to be positioned today as a major seller on eBay, with all that growth to look forward to!

Brian has achieved his objective, and with his help, you can too!

You can carry on having fun on eBay, making money on the side. Or you can make the decision that you want to grow this opportunity, make real money and maybe eventually become a full-time seller. If this appeals to you, then "The eBay Formula" is the short cut to ensuring you spend time doing the right things, and doing those things right!

Believe me, your dreams are achievable through the internet, and eBay can make it possible.

Here's my offer to you .....

This is what you get for a single payment of just £9.95 ($18.50) :-

1. 'The eBay Formula'
Brian McGregor's best-selling ebook which is the key to making sale, after sale, after sale on eBay.

'Secret eBay Marketing'
3. 'Make Your Net Auction Sell!'
4. 'Info Product Marketing Secrets Exposed!'
5. 'Guru Magic'

Four ebooks to help you develop your eBay business.

6. Moneyback guarantee

Brian's unconditional guarantee to refund you if you decide "The eBay Formula" isn't what you're looking for.

7. Get more than your money back

When you buy "The eBay Formula" you can become a member of Brian McGregor's affiliate program. This free program gives you the opportunity to earn 50% commission for customers you refer who buy Brian's ebooks. Just two referrals of "The eBay Formula" effectively means you have your copy free. Make more than two successful referrals, and you're into instant profit!

8. Ongoing help and advice

Brian gives all his contact details, please feel free to use them. You'll find it is very enjoyable making real money from eBay, and his objective is to help you succeed.

If you're ready to start now, there's no need to wait. Buy it Now, pay via PayPal, and you'll receive download instructions for "The eBay Formula" by return.

Within minutes you can begin making your eBay auctions more effective.

Here's Brian's final message to you:

"I do hope you'll try 'The eBay Formula'. It shows you exactly how to make the most of the superb opportunity offered by eBay. And, with my moneyback guarantee, there really is no risk." 

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Our price only £9.95 ($18.50) approx

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