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Sky TV in Your Bedroom for Free, Digibox Secrets Explained

You already have Sky Digital in a main room in the house. It's great - but you'd like to watch Sky on your TV in the bedroom or kitchen or other room. But you don't want the expense of another Digibox and a second Sky subscription.

If this describes you, you need Brian McGregor's Special Report:
"Watch Sky TV in your Bedroom for FREE Tonight"


It would be marvellous if you could watch Sky TV in another room, without having to pay any more for it!

Well, now you can. And Sky themselves have provided a solution to your problem without publicising it.

There is a little known secret of Digiboxes which enables you to have Sky TV on another television in the house, in addition to the TV to which the Digibox is connected. Best of all, it's virtually FREE to implement. Brian's Special Report, "Watch Sky TV in your Bedroom for FREE Tonight", shows exactly how it's done.

  • This solution is perfectly legal
  • If you can change a plug, you can implement the instructions shown
  • You won't be infringing any Sky warranty or guarantee
  • You won't be breaking any Sky rules or terms and conditions
  • There is no additional Sky subscription to pay
  • It doesn't involve wireless communications
The Report is in PDF format, so you can easily print any page(s) you want to have in front of you, if you need them.

"Watch Sky TV in your Bedroom for FREE Tonight" is delivered by download.

So, if you want to watch Sky TV in your bedroom, or any other room, but don't want to get a
second Digibox and a second Sky subscription - here's your answer.

Just imagine, films such as these on your bedroom telly - Spiderman, Men in Black II, Star Wars,
Resident Evil, Minority Report, Lord of the Rings, Gladiator, Disneys Tarzan, Planet of the Apes,
Blade II, ET, X-Men, Charlie's Angels etc etc.

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Buy it Now with PayPal, and by tonight you could be watching Sky TV in your bedroom tonight.

Please note that "Watch Sky TV in your Bedroom for FREE Tonight" does not cover Sky analogue,
or cable operators. It is only relevant to Sky Digibox users.

Payment Information

Payment can be made by any of the following methods:
  • Credit/Debit card via PayPal.
  • £4.95

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